About Us

Invented by a world renowned bio-engineer, No Scent™ is the only natural microbiological odor eliminator with animal-specific formulations. No Scent works by using a patented combination of specially selected natural microorganisms to eliminate the growth of harmful bacteria which cause pet odors. Designed to eradicate domestic and organic waste naturally, No Scent’s line of pet odor eliminators are chemical free, all natural, eco-friendly, free from harsh enzymatics and, most importantly, completely effective at eliminating malodors in seconds.

Currently, the most effective pet odor eliminator on the market in the US and the #1 used pet odor eliminator in Europe, this evolutionary product is the next generation in natural pet odor elimination.

Pets can be labor intensive. Using No Scent’s line of animal-specific pet odor eliminators can provide a clean, safe and odor free environment for you and your pet family in seconds.