No Scent Pet Fur

Pet Odor Management

Eliminates pet odors
Completely eliminates pet body odors such as “wet dog” and other malodors caused by urine, feces and scent markings
Encapsulates odor
Encapsulates and eliminates smelly body odors that linger in pet’s fur within seconds
No harmful chemicals
Proprietary No Scent formulation does not contain harmful chemicals, cleansers or enzymatics that irritate the respiratory systems of pets and humans
Cleaner coat
No Scent creates a cleaner and healthier coat, reduces dander and removes oily build up, extending your pet’s freshness between grooming sessions
Unlike any other product
No other product can deliver maximum odor elimination with minimal effort and time. This is a hands off product, no rubbing necessary.

No Scent Features

  • Can be used as an emergency replacement for a bath
  • Use when accidents occur to remove odors from pets
  • This is a hands off product, no rubbing necessary
  • Safe for pets, people and places
  • No harmful effects to pet’s skin, coat or eyes
  • Excellent for removing oily build up
  • Dermatologist tested and approved
  • Hypo-allergenic and fragrance free
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA

Product Review

Every bulldog owner knows that bulldogs have a specific… ummm… smell. Well, mine sure doesn’t anymore!! He still gets a full bath every 6 weeks or so, but this product helps him smell fresh all the way up until his next bath. I bought this bottle almost 2 months ago and have barely put a dent in it. One mist per day is all he needs!

To Use No Scent

Refresh coat – Spray on pet’s fur, air dry

Eliminate malodors – Spray generously on pet’s fur, no rubbing necessary, air dry.

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